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Bills for Worker Benefit Premiums

Billing notices are mailed at the beginning of each month, with payment due by the 15th of the month. Benefits provided under the Worker Benefit Plans are insured with an insurance carrier and premiums must be forwarded in the month for which coverage is provided in order that the policy of insurance remains in place and to ensure that benefit coverage continues for your employees.

(View a typical monthly bill)


Monthly Payment of Bills

Payments of these bills can be made either by cheque or by a secure method of electronic funds transfer whereby the exact amount of each month’s bill will be debited directly from your bank account.

Policy for the Collection of Accounts Receivable

When the remittance from a participating employer is past due WBP will attempt to contact the treasurer/business manager by telephone to make arrangements for payment or resolve any issues they may have.

1. When the account is 30 days overdue

A letter is sent indicating that the account is past due and that a risk of a benefit claim being denied exists.

2. When the account is 60 days overdue

A letter is sent indicating that the account is seriously past due and that the risk of suspension from benefit coverage and pension plan credit exists. A copy of the letter will be sent to the pastor/church worker whose coverage is affected. A copy of this letter along with a request to contact the congregation/employer to remind them of their responsibility under Article III, 10 will be sent to the district president.

{“Aid in providing for the welfare of pastors, deacons, and other church workers, and their families, in the event of illness, disability, retirement, special need, or death.” (LCC Handbook, 2005; Article III, 10)}

3. When the account is 90 days overdue

A registered letter will be sent to the employer with copies to the pastor/church worker and the district president, indicating that benefit coverage and enrollment in the pension plan will cease on the last day of the current month unless full payment or arrangements to pay off the debt and a commitment to keep future payments current is received within 15 days and approved by the Director-Worker Benefit Plans.

Adopted by the Board of Managers
June 15, 2006


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