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Links to Stuff

This site brings together experts in various fields to answer teen’s questions – carefully, accurately and biblically. ANSWERS to tough teen questions on things like: Abortion, Dating, Eating Disorders, Depression, Family, Friendships, Christian Living, Abuse, Addiction, Sexuality, and other topics.

Everyone likes to have some fun, right? This website is interactive … it’s a virtual-party where you will have to make some choices and you can pick up pointers on how to keep the harm out of your party-style. It is written by a group of young people.

It's My Life deals with (you guessed it!) life and the stuff that we deal with every day. Whatever problem you're dealing with, believe it or not, other kids and teens have gone through the same thing. Here at It's My Life, you can read informative articles, share your stories, play games and activities, take quizzes and polls, watch video clips of other kids talking about their feelings and experiences, get advice from older kids and experts, and contribute your own comments and questions.

This website is affiliated with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It is, above all else, an information and prevention tool for you and will encourage you to make healthy, informed decisions and to get involved in your community.



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