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Here's the Buzz

Want a Summer Job?

Read the following article to give you some ideas about preparing for a summer job. Take some time to sit down with your parent and discuss some of the topics this article deals with. Choosing a goal...Creating a resume...these are things your parents would love to help you with...just go ahead and ask.

If you would like to talk to a career counselor or need help dealing with stress about your future, call your EAP for support through a variety of resources at 1.800.268.5211.

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Teen Depression and Suicide

Teen years are often a time of grand and glorious dreams. It is a time to imagine the future and potential of life and the world. Some teens, however, are not so hopeful about the future. Some are troubled with massive problems that seem like they are too big to handle. This article is for anyone who thinks that they may know a teen that seems to be troubled or who they suspect is suffering from depression.

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Have a Great Summer!

The lazy days of summer are here! What are you up to this summer? Will you be lying around the house? Spending all your days watching TV? The summer vacation blast often lasts for a week or so then summer boredom can set in. You need to start looking for activities that will help you keep everyday fresh. Here is something to get you thinking about other things to do … because “hanging out” gets old after awhile.

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