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Serving Those Who Serve
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My parent works for an LCC church or school.


Troubles and Joys…Haven’t we all had them in some way, shape or form? We all have struggles with things like acne, popularity, body image, friends, parents, and the list goes on. We have created this page for teenagers and their friends…for just poking around, for those who are struggling or for those who know a teen that is in trouble or headed that way. But always remember to read stuff with discretion on any websites that we link to. Know that just because you read something on the internet, does not make it the truth. Continue to live your life as a child of God … precious in His sight … honoring Christ in your daily life … as an example to those around you.

Check out the page “Here’s the Buzz” for some interesting articles.

Try your hand at some crazy interactive stuff on the “Links to Stuff” page.

Find helpful phone numbers on our “Who Will Listen?” page.

If your parent works for an LCC church or school, we have put together a page just for you. You have resources available to you just because you are your parent’s child and we like to take care of the people who are dedicated to working and ministering in God’s Service. How special is that?

Questions, questions, questions...

It is not uncommon for you to have deep questions about your faith. These questions make an appearance in every human heart: Why am I here? Is there a God? What happens when I die? Click here to watch a video called “The Hope” which presents the Bible as an authoritative, credible source for answers to those questions.


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