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Benefits Overview

Lutheran Church–Canada recognizes the importance of the pension and benefits program to plan members and their families and remains committed to providing an appropriate pension and benefits program that is valued by plan members, affordable to employers and members and sustainable over the long-term. LCC FlexBenefits program provides life insurance, dependent life insurance and health and dental coverage with the option to increase or decrease your coverage to suit your individual or family needs. Included in your coverage is a professional counseling service and emergency health travel insurance. A range of additional optional benefits such as life insurance, accident insurance and a health spending account are also available. You are required to have Long Term Disability coverage to provide for a continued income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. Because you pay the LTD premium costs, benefits that are payable in the event of a disability claim are non-taxable.

Once each year, an “Open Enrollment” period provides members with an opportunity to make changes to their benefit coverage. Members may also make changes when they experience a “Life Event”. Eligible members enroll themselves and their dependents in the FlexBenefits program according to their own needs.

Making an Informed Decision – It’s Your Responsibility and Privilege

It is your responsibility to become familiar with the benefits available to you. LCC Worker Benefit Plans assumes no responsibility or liability for the loss of any benefit for failure to familiarize yourself with your FlexBenefits program.

Take time to read through each of the pages listed on the left hand side of this page to make an informed decision regarding your benefits.

We make every effort to ensure the information found on these web pages is factual and current. If there are any discrepancies between the information on this website and the provisions of the applicable Policies, Contracts or Pension Plan Text, the latter will govern in all cases.

Questions you have regarding your benefits should be directed to Ellement at 1-844-440-1045 (Toll Free) or 204-954-7300 (in Winnipeg) or email




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